Omaraha silently and secretly increases the fees?

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Bandit55555 02.04.2019 11:09:21
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I've found out that Omaraha have increase the Fees of Slovakian Loans from 20% to 30%. Until 23th January 2019 Omaraha get 20% from the Interest Rate. Since 26th February Omaraha gets 30% of the Interest.

The bad thing about this is that I get no Mail about the higher Fees. And my Investment Terms were not stopped. In this case I expect that Omaraha writes a Mail or stop all Investment Terms, because the Net Interest is now lower than I have set it earlier.

The result is that I have now lower interest rates that I set it earlier. And this with no Info.

Even on the Omaraha Site Pricelist there was set: 20% Comission.
Only after I write the support they set a link to the Slovakian Price list, which is different.

I am with Omaraha since 2014 and was very satisfied but this is for me unacceptable.

vlk494 03.04.2019 07:57:20
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We informed about it, but unfortunately only in Estonian language forum. Slovakia had 30% commission fee for a long time, then we changed it to 20% and in January returned back to 30%.
We had to return to original commission fee, because we are close to exiting Slovakia and defently couldn't continue with 20% fee.

Bandit55555 03.04.2019 11:22:46
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Thank you for the Explanation.
Next time it would be great if there would be an E-Mail.


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